Have you ever wondered what high bay lights are used for? These types of lights are used in ceilings ranging from 20 to 45 feet and one of their designs is known as UFO LED High Bay Lights. If you need to illuminate a space with these dimensions, before you go now to buy these lights, first read our article about their features.

If you are curious about the fact that they use the term “UFO”, it is because the round shape of the lights simulates the iconic spaceships that you have surely seen in movies, series, and cartoons.

Places where you can install UFO high bay lighting

As they are high luminaires, they are usually installed in industrial storage spaces and commercial areas, to illuminate large spaces, especially in height.

These lights are used with LED technology because of all the advantages that this type of lighting offers, such as low energy consumption and electricity savings. With these advantages, companies that have large buildings such as manufacturing and fabrication spaces, warehouses, large workshops, gymnasiums, and more, can better illuminate these areas.

However, below you will find a list of places where this type of lighting is installed, to give you a better idea of how UFO high bay lights work:

  • Factories
  • Manufacturing spaces
  • Dealerships
  • Machine shops
  • Sports stadiums
  • Convention centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Department stores

Features of UFO LED High Bay Lighting

The UFO LED high bay light is an LED lighting system that as mentioned above has a round or disk-shaped design. It is composed of a flat aluminum housing, specially configured to optimize and distribute the light in a specific area.

One of the most important features is that they do not rely on large reflectors, unlike traditional lighting systems. These types of lights take advantage of LED technology very well because in addition to being much more durable, they produce less heat.

The heat sinks of the UFO LED high bay lights to make the light output lower in temperature. Unlike traditional LED lights, this type of light is more compact, efficient, and easier to handle and install.

As a plus, they are certainly much more aesthetically pleasing, which adds a better design to the space you are trying to illuminate.

The UFO LED high bay lights to provide a uniform and higher quality light output, so it flows in a better way; while traditional lights emit light directly to the floor, the UFO LED high bay lights to generate better-distributed lighting, very useful, especially for shelves, or products and objects that are in high spaces.

If wiring the UFO LED high bay lights is something you are concerned about, there are many options for doing so, including hard wiring. As for installation, many use a metal hook to hang them over the area they want to illuminate, which makes it much easier and faster.

If you consider the details we have shared with you, you will surely have a clearer idea of which UFO LED high bay light to buy. Always make sure to measure the spaces and based on the dimensions, choose the most suitable one.


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