Basketball involves a lot of hardcore physical movements. As such, the basketball floor must be catered to absorb the players’ movements and allow the athletes to move about freely without slipping or falling. The basketball floor is one of the central parts of the game, and the floor must be made with the correct characteristics for a fair game.

If you want to build a basketball court in your yard at home, you can get basketball flooring from ZSFloor, but you should know about the attributes and features a basketball court should have. Keep reading to learn all the details.

Durability Of the Floor

The durability of the basketball court is one of the main features to focus on. Whether you are getting the floor for your home or commercial, choosing the suitable material to help you build a durable floor is the key.

There will be continuous running and jumping on the floor. There will be thuds from the ball itself. Moreover, the floor will have to withstand extreme temperatures. If the floor is not built right, you will have to keep renovating and redoing it, which can significantly increase costs. Instead, ensure durability from the start to keep the price in control and avoid the hassle of constant repairs.

Low Maintenance

It will need some maintenance depending on what material you use for the basketball floor. You will have to clean it and maintain it otherwise as well. You should ensure that the material you choose for the basketball floor requires little and easy maintenance. Cement is the best option in this case.

Easy Installation Process

There is a requirement for the installation of the basketball floor after you have selected the material. You can install the floor yourself as well, but it is recommended that you get help from professional installers. Besides installing the floor, you can also add tiles on the top to increase the height of the floor. Whatever material you choose, it should be easy to install. A cement basketball floor is one of the best options for this case.

Slip And Fall Resistant

There is no basketball without running and jumping. And if you want to play the game, run, and jump safely without breaking your bones regularly, the floor should have high resistance and friction. If there is no friction to slip and fall, you will be skidding everywhere on the court, getting injured.

In this case, cement has a very low resistance to slipping. While it reigns in other features, this is where cement fails. To prevent accidents due to falls, you can get asphalt floors for the court.

Dries Quickly

The basketball floor should also be quick-drying. There will be rain at different times during the year, which will leave the floor wet. Getting a suitable material for the floor will ensure that it dries quickly and is ready for another game.


Whatever material you choose for the basketball floor should not be slippery or prone to people falling over it. The floor should hold your footing firmly. It should be high-quality, cost-effective, and durable. Some other features to look for in a floor include the installation process and easy maintenance. Your floor will be ready for action in no time.


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