Pneumatic fender, also known as the Yokohama fender, is one of the most common fender options amongst boating experts. This fender option is popular because of its features. Some of the advantages of this fender include:

Resistance against the shearing force

One of the forces that are against a vessel or ship is the shearing force, and this can lead to a lot of damage. An example of a shearing force situation is when the ship or vessel has an unexpected contact with the dock. When this happens, there is a shift in the ship’s present position to its mooring position, which will exert high shearing force. For most types of fenders, you can expect the fender to be damaged immediately after this scenario occurs. If you have a pneumatic fender in place, you can bother less about shearing force. The design of the pneumatic fender helps the ship against such shearing force.

It can carry high loads

For the safest usage of any fender at all, there should be a limit on the type of load that you put within the fender. Every fender type limits the amount of load it can take. But the pneumatic force can withstand a larger amount of load. When there is a high load on a pneumatic fender, the force from the device does not immediately react. This is unlike in other fenders that will immediately release a reactive force and cause damage to the ship or vessel.

Great in terrible weather

Ships are usually on the sea during harsh weather conditions and relatively gentle ones. It is necessary to have an excellent fender to withstand the forces during severe weather. When the weather is a bit on the extreme side, the wave of the water will move upwards and downwards quicker than you expect. As a result, there will be an extra shearing force exerted on the fender. The pneumatic fenders, thanks to their low reaction to such cases, will withstand this shearing force relatively easily.

The installation process is easy

Different fender types have diverse installation methods. Some may be easy, while for others, it may be complex. Pneumatic fenders do not have a complicated process when you want to install them on your ship and boat. You can install this fender using ropes, and for more firm options, you can use chains. Because of the ease of its installation, you can also remove the pneumatic fenders quickly.

Maintenance does not cost too much

Maintaining a pneumatic fender in whatever system is relatively easy. You can easily pull out the ropes and check for their physical conditions, the surface, and the air pressure on the inside of the fender.


When you want to choose a fender for your boat or vessel, there are lots of options you can choose from. The pneumatic fenders are one of the best to choose from all options of fenders. This type of fender is unique because it reduces reaction force when the vessel experiences a low deflection. In this guide, we have gone over the advantages you will enjoy when you choose pneumatic fenders for your boat or vessels.


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